Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II Saloon - 1956

Marke: Aston Martin
Color: Grey
Interior: Leather red
Special feature: 1956 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II Saloon LHD
Price: Sold
Contact: Martin Hinterstocker

We offer one of only 199 Aston Martin DB2 / 4 Mk II Saloons ever built in the even rarer version as a left-hand drive vehicle. This 2 + 2 seater with Tickford body and coveted two tone paint was first delivered to the French Aston Martin importer Majestic Automobiles in Paris on October 16th, 1956 and registered for the first time with registration number 83FK75. The vehicle probably came to Germany in 1994 after some ownership periods in France. A special feature of this coupé is that the car has been equipped with a 165 hp engine from the so-called L series ex works. These brought about 25 HP additional power through larger valves and different camshaft. Our DB2 was extensively restored several years ago and is still in a very nice condition with a great shine of paint, chrome and spoke rims. For documentation, there is an appraisal from 2017 for the grade 1 and market value of 360.000 Euro, as well as a valid FIVA Pass, which is considered entry to the most prestigious rallies in the world.

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